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These are surveys from previous weeks. You can still participate in them if you'd like, or just view the results

Do you think that US plans to try al-Qaida terrorists by military commissions is

Right, terrorists don't deserve human rights
Right, the trials will be fair
Wrong, they violate int'l law
Another opinion

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How do you feel about the US activities in Afghanistan.

I support US actions
I oppose US actions
I'm ambivalent/have no opinion

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The United States seems to be pursuing a timid "engagement" policy vis a vis human rights in China.

Do you think the US policy towards human rights in China should be one of:

live and let live

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Some anti-slavery organizations buy slaves so as to free them. This is often criticized because it makes slavery a more profitable venture. On the other hand, it's a quick method of returning people to freedom.

Do you think that buying back slaves is:

a necessary evil
misguided and counterproductive

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Which of the following countries has the worst human rights record?

United States

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George W. Bush will assume the presidency of the United States in a few days.
Do you think the Bush presidency will be:

Good for human rights
Bad for human rights
About the same than the Clinton's presidency.

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In the United States, ex-felons generally lose the right to vote, either permanently or while they are serving their sentence or in parole. Almost 4 million American citizens are not allowed to vote for this reason. Article 25 of the ICCPR guarantees the right to vote without unreasonable restrictions. Do you think that prohibiting ex-felons from voting is a human rights violation?


Tell us why

Hackactivists angry with Israeli repression of Palestinians have organized cyber-attacks of Israeli government websites (see example)
Are cyber-attacks of websites ever justified?
Yes, if website contains apologia of oppression/hr violations
Yes, if it's a government site
Yes, if I dislike the content
Yes, for another reason

Tell us why

Who is mostly responsible for the violence in the Middle East?
Tell us why

Se debe abolir al servicio militar obligario?


Dinos por qué

Are military coups every justified?
Yes, if national security is at stake
Yes, if there is popular support
Yes, for any other reason
Tell us why

Yes, send troops
Yes, send money & advisors
Tell us why

Do you find the Derechos website to be
A great resource?
In need of improvement?
in need of a major overhaul?
Tell us why

Do you think that, overall, the influece of the US on human rights worldwide is

Is child abuse by a parent a human rights violation?

Should it be possible to sentence a person to life in prison?

Every day hundreds of people cross national borders looking for a better life somewhere else.
Do you think people should be able to immigrate freely to any country of their choice?

Planned parenthood &others are suing an anti-abortion website that publishes the names and addresses of doctors alledging that the site incites violence. Does the human right to freedom of speech protect the publication of personal information about doctors?

General amnesties for human rights violators in all sides have become a common ingredient of "peace accords", and they threaten to become more common.
Is Peace worth the price of Impunity?

Did the US violate int'l humanitarian law by bombing Irak?
I'm not sure
I don't know

Should online hate speech be regulated?
No - freedom of speech should prevail
Yes - but only if it is a threat or incitement to illegal action
Yes - if the the speech is specially offensive to minorities
Yes - generally

Should there be any immunity for prosecution of human rights abuses?
No - Human Rights Abusers should be Prosecuted no matter what
Yes - for currents heads of state only
Yes - for past heads of state
Yes - for a wider variety of people

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