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Derechos Human Rights


Derechos Human Rights is an international organization working for the respect and promotion of human rights all over the world. Our work consists on educating the public about human rights and human rights violations; on investigating human rights abuses, including their causes, development and consequences; on contributing to the development of international and national human rights law and the rule of law; on preserving the memory of the victims of human rights violations and fighting against the impunity of human rights violators; and on carrying out hands-on projects of assistance to human rights NGOs, activists and victims of human rights or humanitarian law violations. We use the internet as our primary communication and information tool.

Derechos works with national and international human rights organizations and activists all over the world, though our current focus is Latin America. Derechos was born as an internet-based organization, with members in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

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