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Derechos Human Rights
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Derechos Human Rights has adopted as its mandate the world-wide

  • promotion and protection of human rights and international humanitarian law

  • promotion and protection of the right to privacy

  • struggle against impunity for violators of human rights

Derechos understands human rights to be those defined as such under international and national laws. All governments are bound by international customary law and jus cogens, the human rights and humanitarian law treaties they have signed, the human rights clauses in their own constitutions and legislation, and general principles of law.

Derechos only works against abuses committed by governments and their agents. This includes quasi-governments and groups that have de facto control over geographic areas and people. Derechos considers that national governments have the obligation to protect their citizens from terrorism and other threats to their lives or subsistence, while abiding by human rights law.

Derechos understands that on some occasions, specific human rights may conflict with other rights, and that the extent of rights might be defined differently by different international and national instruments. In general, Derechos will consider as valid the interpretation that allows for the greatest freedom for individuals, and the least involvement by the State.

Derechos considers that life starts at birth, and that the rights of privacy and physical integrity of a pregnant woman override any rights that might be ascribed to the fetus by national or international documents.

Derechos considers freedom of expression to be one of the most fundamental rights that individuals must be guaranteed, as it is not only essential for the fulfillment of the human person, but for the existence of a true democracy. Thus Derechos adopts the broadest interpretation of what freedom of expression should be:

  1. In accordance with the American Convention on Human Rights, Derechos considers that there can be no prior censorship of any type of expression.

  2. In accordance with the American Convention on Human Rights, Derechos considers that only war propaganda or speech advocating national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes an incitement to lawless violence or similar actions should be criminalized. Derechos adopts the interpretation of the US Supreme Court that the right to freedom of expression requires that such advocacy be directed to inciting imminent lawless violence and is likely to incite or produce lawless violence.

Derechos Human Rights is an independent non-profit, non-political organization. It espouses no political ideology. Derechos considers that international and national human rights law must be respected by all governments, regardless of political identifications. Derechos does not endorse or support any candidate for any political post anywhere.

While Derechos may undertake any type of action or project that falls within its mandate, due to limited resources Derechos may chose to limit its activities to specific issues or geographical contexts from time to time.

While our web site may offer information on topics beyond those outlined above, this information should not be construed to express the opinions of Derechos, and the mandate of the organization is limited to what has been expressed here.

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