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ADIVIMA was founded by the widows and survivors of the internal armed conflict on April 24th when 70 women and 107 children (killed by the Guatemalan army and the Civil Defense, PAC) of the Rio Negro massacre were buried. This organization is in memory of the struggle as survivors of the violations of our human rights during the years, 1980 to 1984. It is an example to our children, brothers and sisters of Rabinal so that this will not happen in our village again.

- The founders and survivors of ADIVIMA:
Carlos Chen Pedrina Burrero López Tomas Acoj Cahuec Maria Agripina Cuxum Osorio
Dominga Cahuec Alvarado Salvador Sánchez Teresa Cacaj Cahuec Paulina Chen Sic
Antonia Morales Luisa Xitumul Toj Teresas Alvarado Juares Emiliana Morales López
Magdalena García Cahuec Ventura Morelas López Evaristo Cuxum Jesus Tecú Osorio
Maria Alvarado Tecú

Association For the Integral Development of the Victims of Violence in the Verapaces, Maya Achí