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Intento de Golpe 2004

Informes / Reports


  • Money Laundering and Foreign Corruption: Enforcement and Efectiveness of the Patriot Act.
    Case study involving Riggs Bank Report.
    Prepared by the minority staff of the permanent subcommittee on investigations. Released in conjunction with the permanet subcommittee on investigations' hearing on july 15, 2004.
    Includes details on Money Laundering and Equatorial Guinea Accounts.

    United Nations reports on Human Rights

  • La situación de los derechos humanos en Guinea Ecuatorial. [SPA/ESL]
    Documentos del Representante Especial de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos.
  • Human rights in Equatorial Guinea. [ENG]
    Documents of the Special Representative of the Commission on Human Rights.

  • UN Thematic Reports on Human Rights in Eq. Guinea.
    For The record, 2003.
  • UN Thematic Reports on Human Rights in Eq. Guinea.
    For The record, 2002.
  • UN Thematic Reports on Human Rights in Eq. Guinea.
    For The record, 2001.
  • UN Thematic Reports on Human Rights in Eq. Guinea.
    For The record, 2000.
  • UN Thematic Reports on Human Rights in Eq. Guinea.
    For The record, 1999.

    US State Department / Departamento de Estado USA

  • US State Department Human Rights Reports on Equatorial Guinea:
    2003 (Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor February 25, 2004) | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 |
  • US State Department Reports on Religious Freedom in Equatorial Guinea:
    2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999

    Intento Golpe de Estado 2004
    Coup Plot

  • Speech delivered by Mr. Miguel Abia Biteo Boricó, Prime Minister of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, before the UN General Assembly 59th. Session.
    Video English
    Discurso pronunciado por el Sr. Miguel Abia Biteo Boricó, Primer Ministro de la República de Guinea Ecuatorial, ante la Asamble General de la ONU en su 59a. sesión.
    Video en Español | Texto en Español [Enlace a fichero PDF]
  • Spain - Right of Reply
    Video English
    Derecho de Réplica de España
    Video en Español

  • España condena y considera "inaceptables" las acusaciones del Gobierno de Obiang.
    El País, Madrid, Esp, 24sep04
  • Equatorial Guinea Coup Plot Deepens.
    By Nico Colombant, Voice Of America News, Abidjan, 02Sep04
  • Margaret Thatcher posts bail for son in South Africa.
    Agence France Presse, London, UK, 01Sep04
  • Thatcher's wife and children set to quit South Africa for US.
    The Scotsman, Scotland, 31Aug04
  • Judge halts mercenary trial to investigate evidence from abroad.
    RIN, the "Africa-English" Service of the UN's IRIN humanitarian information unit, Liberville, 31Aug04
  • Demand for Thatcher arrest warrant.
    By Brian Brady, The Scotsman, Scotland, 29Aug04
  • Zimbabwe court finds Briton guilty of trying to buy coup arms.
    The Telegraph, UK, 28Aug04
  • Thatcher pained by son's arrest.
    Daily News, Usa, 28Aug04
  • Plea to extradite Mark Thatcher.
    The Hindu, Associated Press, India, 28Aug04
  • Coup plot conviction increases the pressure on Mark Thatcher.
    The Scotsman, Scotland, 28Aug04
  • Briton convicted in Zimbabwe ‘coup plot’ case.
    Financial Times, London, UK, 27Aug04
  • Marathon Oil Corporation Reports Second-Quarter 2004 Results.
    Yahoo News, 27Aug04
  • Bosnia ruling used in plea for 70 SA men.
    The Star, South Africa, 27Jul04
  • Yes, no, maybe SA passed on coup info.
    The Independent, London, UK, 27Jul04
  • Sixty-seven 'mercenaries' plead guilty
    AFP, Harare, Zimbabwe, 27Jul04
  • SA's deadly silence on 'mercenaries'.
    The Star, South Africa, 27Jul04
  • Thatcher facing 15 years for plot to oust dictator.
    The Scotsman, Scotland, 26Aug04
  • South Africa, Equatorial Guinea agree on fair trial for mercenaries.
    Xinhuanet, Johannesburg, 26Jul04
  • Liberado bajo fianza el hijo de Thatcher acusado de una intentona golpista en Guinea Ecuatorial.
    El Mundo, Madrid, Esp, 25ago04
  • SA to help men in EG trial., Sourth Africa, 23Jul04
  • Trial of Zim 'mercenaries' again postponed.
    The Guardian, Harare, Zinbabwe, 22Jul04
  • Mercenary gang goes on trial for plotting revolution.
    Telegraph, London, UK, 22Jul04
  • 70 go on trial in Zimbabwe over alleged coup plot.
    The Guardian, London, UK, 21jul04
  • Equatorial Guinea Accuses International Media of Trying to 'Destabilize' Nation.
    Carrie Giardino, Voice of America, Abidjan, 21Jul04
  • Mercenaries' Want Court to Help Assure Their Right to Life'
    Business Day, Johannesburg, South Africa, 20Jul04
  • No escape for alleged mercenaries in Zimbabwe.
    Jane Fields in Harare, The Scotsman, 20Jul04
  • Equatorial Guinea bid to extradite 'plotters'
    Pretoria News, South Africa, 20Jul04
  • Sir Mark Thatcher threatened over 'mercenary' friend.
    Telegraph, London, UK, 20jul04
  • 'Mercenaries' saga: Key dates.
    News, South Africa, 20Jul04
  • Margaret Thatcher's son linked to coup trial.
    By Barbara Jones and Sapa-AFP, Daily News, 20Jul04
  • El hijo de Thatcher, acusado de financiar un golpe en Guinea Ecuatorial.
    Clarín, Bs As, Arg, 16ago04
  • US Senate probe reveals massive theft of oil revenue.
    IRIN News, UN, Dakar, Senegal, 16Jul04
  • Briton accused of plotting coup drops legal team.
    The Guardian, London, UK, 13jul04
  • Equatorial - Guinea - Gabon: Neighbours to explore jointly for oil in disputed waters.
    IRIN News, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Addis Ababa, 07Jul04
  • Zimbabwe: Amnesty International opposes extradition of alleged mercenaries to Equatorial Guinea.
    News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, AI INDEX: AFR 46/015/2004, London, UK, 20May04

    Artículos / Articles

  • Chad Criticizes Exxon-Led Consortium Over Oil Money.
    By Betel Miarom, Reuters, 09Oct04
  • An African microstate confronts the curse of oil.
    By Stanley A. Weiss, International Herald Tribune, Sao Tomé and Principe, 06Oct04.
  • Maritime Security Conference Begins.
    Navy News Stand (US), Naples, ITA, 06Oct04
  • African oil fields: Rewards and risks.
    By Jim Landers, Dallas Morning News, 06Oct04
  • West African Armies and France Prepare Joint Exercises.
    Defense News, Naval Warfare, by Agence France-Presse, Cotonou, 27Sept04
  • Hagel meets with African officials.
    By Robert Pore, The Independent, London, UK, 28Aug04
  • US Forces Coming to Oil-Rich Gulf of Guinea.
    By Habib Yacoob, Vanguard, Lagos, Nigeria, 10Aug04
  • Gulf of Guinea of increasing importance to U.S.
    The Center for Strategic and International Studies, Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State, 21Jul04
  • US to provide more military assistance to Ghana.
    Ghana News Agency, Accra, 16Jul04
  • US Officials Express Concern Over Instability in West Africa's Oil-Rich Region.
    By Deborah Tate, Voice Of America News, 16Jul04
  • U.S. military talks to Nigeria over Gulf of Guinea.
    Reuters, Abuja, Nigeria, 14Jul04
  • US hints at navy deployment to secure oil-rich Gulf of Guinea.
    Xinhua News Agency, China, 14Jul04
  • US for navy deployment to secure oil-rich Gulf of Guinea.
    New Kerala, India, 13Jul04
  • U.S. commander: We must protect oil-rich African gulf.
    By Gilbert da Costa, Associated Press, Abuja, Nigeria, 13Jul04
  • U.S. offers military help to protect offshore oil.
    RIN, Integrated Regional Information Networks, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Abuja, 13Jul04
  • U.S. proposes to help secure Gulf of Guinea.
    Associated Press, Abuja, Nigeria, 12Jul04
  • Equatorial Guinea: Stop the killings, the rapes and the arbitrary arrests.
    News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, AI INDEX: AFR 24/009/2004, London, UK, 05Jul04

    Enlaces / Links

  • Information on International Human Rights treaties
    Ratifications and reservations by Eq. Guinea. For The Record 2003.
  • News on Equatorial Guinea.
    UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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