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Derechos is happy to help students and researchers with their work, however time limitations make it impossible for us to reply to every request for information. We are especially unable to respond to messages of the nature of "I have an assignment due in a few days, can you tell me [...], or send me all the information you have regarding [...]". The more general the question, the less likely we'll be able to help you with it.

Before writing us with a question or a request for information, make sure you have:

  1. Checked to see if the information is available online or in a library. Most often it will be - and you'll find it if you just look for it. If it's not available online, chances are we don't have it either.

  2. Searched the Derechos web site. We place all the information that we have available on our site. We have created a site index and search webpage to make finding information in our web site easy.

  3. Read our mandate. We are unlikely to be able to help you with matters that fall outside it.

    If you have a legal problem, please realize that Derechos HR cannot give you legal advice. Your best bet is to contact a lawyer. If you cannot afford one, look for a legal aid society in your community (they are listed in the phone book), or contact law schools in your area and ask whether they have clinics that might be able to help you.

    If you want to denounce a human rights violation, please contact a local human rights organization to your area and/or the Ombudsman of your region (if there is one). Except in very limited circumstances, Derechos cannot investigate claims of human rights violations, and instead we refer them to local human rights groups

If doing all that still does not answer your question, please write to us. Beware, however, that we are not always able to answer questions promptly.

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